Sweet Smell of Success

Many brides opt for a new sent ahead of their big day, as they want something new to mark the occasion with. So forever after that smell will lead them back to the happiest day of their lives, not to them going to work or popping put to catch a film as their everyday fragrance would.

Smell is a powerful sense and evokes so many emotions, so many people can instantly smell something that will take them back to a specific place in time, or they associate people with certain fragrances. For me Ghost perfume will always remind me of my lovely grandmother who always wore this particular perfume.

So if you are going to opt for a new perfume for your big day, here are a few that are always popular with brides, thanks to their soft, elegant powers:

Jo Malone

Jo Malone boasts a beautiful collection of natural aromas and colognes that are perfect for any bride to be. There are so many to choose from, from wild roses, to amber and lavender, vanilla and anise and many more. The beauty of Jo Malone fragrances is that they can be layered   to great your very own signature scent. For instance, if you fell in love with 3 or 4 different colognes, you don’t have to choose one, simple pick the ones that work well together and layer them up.  Go for a real, luxurious treat and invest in the matching body butters and candles to, to make your bridal pampering all that more special.

Chanel Mademoiselle

This gorgeous, classic scent is fresh, feminine and floral. Available with matching body butters, soaps and creams. Chanel has long been as associated with the very best in beauty and elegance and this scent certainly does not disappoint.

Elie Saab

Bridal designer Elie Saab launched their very own perfume and it’s an absolute winner. It’s a light, refreshing scent full of oranges, jasmine and cedar woods. Its light and fresh, but powerful enough to linger on you all day, ensuring that you  will be smelling as fresh as the moment you stepped out of the house all day long.

Shop around to find the right scent for you, but buy investing in something special you are sure to give yourself everlasting memories for many years to come and your bridal perfume will always have a special place in your heart.


Written by Steph Payne

Steph is a blogger and PR Girl for The Watch Hut, the UK’s largest watch website. Steph is a keen beauty and fashion addict, and also a bride to be herself, so anything to do with weddings is always of great interest to her! Follow Steph on Twitter – @watchhut_ Steph


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