Tactical Togetherness—How Your Business Can Benefit from Co-working Spaces


Co-working has become a popular trend in office space solutions for the young, self-employed or small owner. More than being a trend, coworking has revolutionised how people network and collaborate. While some might find working remotely from home advantageous, co-working removes the distractions and loneliness that characterises working from home.

With coworking spaces that offer pretty much the same amenities as a conventional office, professionals save a lot of money on the overhead to cover moving your workspace from home to a more professional setting. Additionally, this office setting primes the pump for engaging with professionals in your industry and across other industries as well.

Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of co-working.

Accelerated Serendipity

Co-working spaces place you in a prime location to meet other professionals. Often in your daily interactions at the office, the open space plan encourages professionals to engage each other whether you are using a hot desk or dedicated desk. These interactions naturally lead to conversations that can circumvent some of the footwork of tracking down the contacts you need for your own business. Whether finding a graphic designer or making investments, co-working can provide you with a shortcut in your search for the right person or information saving you valuable time.   

Networking and Collaboration

Again, just by virtue of the fact that you are not physically isolated, professionals have many networking opportunities throughout the day through co-working. Many of the more popular co-working hubs hold social events and engage professionals by sponsoring conferences and learning events all in the effort of promoting entrepreneurial engagement within the community. Often, this networking evolves into collaborations between professionals from different industries but with the same goals and mission. Co-working spaces, as opposed to going it alone at home, promote needed networking that is usually the precursor to some of the best collaborations.


Right now, you are a one-man show, but in three, or even five years, you have no idea how many clients you will have. Co-working allows you and your business to grow if necessary. Many of the leases are shorter so that if you do find you need to relocate, or even move into a different plan, you can do so without breaking your lease, which can be expensive.

Many leases are scalable. Typically, the set up involves the co-working office solutions company providing you with a workspace that might include the use of a desk (permanent and temporary), providing you with internet access, and use of other office technologies (printers, copiers, computers, etc.) and providing you with administrative staff. Furthermore, professionals can choose the amenities they need as opposed to having to pay for unnecessary use of facilities and equipment. Again, this benefits the professional who can add services as business picks up.

Larger office solutions companies can also provide space in other locations. Let’s say, you work in downtown Miami but need to meet with business contacts in Los Angeles. Many leasing companies can arrange for you to hold your meeting in Miami by setting up video conferencing, thus avoiding incurring any travel costs. Another option provided to professionals is the use of office space in other cities. You could essentially travel to Los Angeles without worrying about reserving space to hold your meeting.

Co-working Benefits Translate into Saving Time and Money

These little working hubs of activity give you access to some of the most talented professionals across a huge range of industries. Because co-working spaces provide professionals with opportunities to connect and collaborate and they are some of the most flexible office solutions, you end up benefiting in terms of saving time and money. For the professional, more than time and the money, you get valuable working experiences that help your business grow.


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