Tattoo Removal: The right ways

Tattooing can be a great way to boast your passion and a great source of inspiration. The inked past, however, is often regretful to many. Tattoo removal is a growing industry and has started to become a major part of tattooing industry. Tattoo removal is developing not only commercially but also technologically and medically. Keeping this in mind, individuals are often seen using the wrong ways to erase their past by erasing their tattoos by themselves. There are a number of reasons why one might want to remove tattoos; whether it is a new relationship or a change of beliefs, ridding yourself of the unwanted tattoo comes usually on the top list. Recognizing that it is possible with as much safety as it was done in the first place is something essential to make sure that tattoo bearers do not try to remove it themselves.


Tattoo removal can be a long and labourious process which might be one of the reasons to adopt the “do it yourself” methods. There have been reports of serious injuries while attempting to remove tattoos in such ways. A patient tried to scrub the tattoo off using salt made one of the serious cases. Since the tattoo ink is essentially pigmentated inside the skin, scrubbing and such techniques are seriously damaging to the skin and might still not work. Some patients went to the extent of using safety pins to poke the ink out of the tattoos. Although the seriousness of such “do it yourself” attempts is self explaining, tattoo removal patients should consider consulting the professionals instead. Other patients who went to a more mild approach chose to try tattoo removal gels and creams by themselves. This too has to be done under the supervision of a professional. Without professional supervision, there’s no knowledge with the patient of the extent, if at all, to which the gel or the cream will be effective. Many producers of such products add chemical agents o the creams or gels which are very irritating to the skin to remove the ink. Even then they do not fully remove the tattoo, rather rely on the hope that the body’s own processes and the immune system will remove the remnant of the tattoo.


This is what the patients should know about the consequences of not choosing the right and proper tattoo removal ways. The “do it yourself” treatments often cause serious side effects including, but not limited to, infection scarring and skin de colouration. The right way for tattoo removal involve the presence of a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist or a certified professional and a medical doctor. These ensure that the surgical procedure, the laser procedure or any other procedure in use is not damaging to the patient and any side effects can be treated right away and are not lasting. When certified professionals and qualified doctors are taking months to remove your tattoos, it is understood that ‘quick removal’ ways that you try yourself have serious implications and you would rather consult a professional for non invasive way to remove your tattoo if you want to go for a comfortable treatment.

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