The best place for training is away from ringing telephones

A knowledgeable staff is an essential element of a successful business. Companies need to invest in research and development to ensure their products are at the head of their field. They must be competitively priced with solid consumer demand. Equally important is the workforce. It must have a good grasp of the products and the marketplace. Competition is fierce in every sector and although there is now a world market and thus a potentially bigger market that is only half of the equation.

There is also far more competition coming from new regions whose own markets have opened up. Quality personnel can drive a business forward and will do so if encouraged to use their skills in a coordinated way so that a common purpose is achieved.


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Maximise potential

It is sometimes difficult to find the time away from day to day activities to ensure that everyone is completely au fait with the latest sector news, products and technology. That can be a challenge but it must be met. The office itself can have distractions; the telephones may be ringing incessantly and that can cause real problems even if the instructions are ‘Do not disturb.’

The answer when it comes to meetings organised to train, invite comment and questions is to look for external training sites. Complete focus can be directed at the subject in hand. It will guarantee that the whole subject can be handled more quickly and thoroughly than it would be at HQ.

A convenient host for training should be able to provide a comfortable environment with the necessary facilities. There will be such things as screens and flip charts, broadband and stationery.

What are the options?

Companies may have a fixed idea of what they require and what locations they will consider. That is entirely subjective. When it comes to businesses based in the South East of England a venue expert with a number of London training venues is certainly worth considering. It is a simple exercise to look for information using the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or AOL.

There should be companies whose websites explain exactly what they have to offer. With the Internet being such a powerful marketing tool a website has become a means of outlining exactly what a company is about, what expertise and service it can offer and sometimes details of its previous customers that have been very happy with the services.

If you find a company like that then you are on the right lines. It is likely that the costs will be dependent on the numbers attending. Certainly catering will be charged in that way.

It is essential that a company runs ongoing training sessions. Staff is a real resource contributing to the success of a company. Success may have been elusive in recent years with depressed demand due to national economies all suffering after the financial meltdown of 2006/7. Now recovery time is here and training is an essential element for the future.

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