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The property market has been fairly stagnant in recent years but that does not mean that you cannot freshen up your home as opposed to moving. That can be done in a number of ways. Perhaps it is most popular in older homes where renovations and alterations can transform an interior beyond recognition.

You may have a number of alternatives in mind; perhaps your ground floor can be altered by making it open plan with a brand new kitchen. Styles have changed over the years and modern bathrooms provide many more options than simply a bath and sink.


A new look

There is a good deal that can be achieved by imaginative interior design and a designer will often have ideas that you may not have considered. It is worth talking to someone who can offer ideas and an idea of the costs involved.

When it comes to bedrooms, space is often the key to enhancing a home; sliding wardrobes are an example of a way to get the maximum floor space in the bedroom while ensuring that clothes and shoes can be neatly stored and easily accessible.

The important thing is to get a coordinated look; the range of colours and materials available can give a whole new look to each bedroom in the house. Sometimes with a little imagination wardrobes can be built into a space that would otherwise be fairly redundant; an area below a sloping roof/ceiling is a good example. The result is that free standing furniture can be removed and suddenly the room is transformed.

The Internet has become the most important medium for research and there are plenty of ideas that you will be able to find. The growth of ecommerce has meant that the leading bedroom companies provide a service for ordering a brochure online and ensuring an efficient order to delivery and fitting process.

Experienced staff are not only available to talk but also to do a free design visit where a 3D image can be prepared for your consideration. You will get a clear idea of how your bedroom can be transformed and the potential for creating extra space will be in front of you.

With Hammondsspace wardrobes with sliding doors every customer is an individual with individual needs but there is still a 21 day turn around on the items from order to delivery. Some bedrooms are large enough for a dressing table and chest of drawers; some are made larger by the use of built-in wardrobes.  You can have a design service to show you how best to utilise your space and have the various units fitted to transform the room.

You want choice and the company to use is one that provides it. If you contact a national company which has a number of locations you will get the best of both worlds; a store in your region but also a company of a size that can satisfy your demands for quality and expertise.

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