Top Bathroom designs you need to know

Besides the overall architecture, bathroom vanities and sink consoles are for most people the focal point of their bathroom designs. This is because they take up so much room in such a small space. Even with the most impeccable architecture, you will want to pick vanities that complement your space; that is, something that is proportional to its size as well as bathroom fixtures. Again, for any design you pick, the materials you choose dictate the feel and the class. Although they are a bit expensive, wooden materials provide a natural feel, but as a replacement, you could choose a less expensive but durable material. If laminated, use materials such as plywood or Medium Density Fiberboards. For this, just ensure you get top quality products. If you want a classy bathroom, then glass will be your best choice, and as an added advantage, they make your bathroom look bigger. A good bathroom design will instill a sense of confidence in you. Some custom-made bathrooms that put these factors into consideration include:

Floral Chandelier

Well decorated by mirrors and marbles, a little bit of sunlight will definitely bring sparkle to this bathroom. This blends in well with a vitality set that includes furniture style cabinet, Italian Carrera White Marble countertops with solid wood dovetailed boxes, wide rectangular under mount basin, soft close doors with a fancy lock.

Agate Walls

The general impression is a powder room that has retained its vintage corner sink but has new marbleized wallpaper and a vintage mirror it does combine elegance and styles and it is quite appealing to the eye.

Palm Leaves

The theme of this design is spa inspired. It is quite versatile and modern and gives your bathroom that classic touch. It incorporates the palm leaves wallpaper giving the bathroom that suave finish.

Porthole Windows

This is a very classy bathroom design encompasses the idea of nautical décor indulging the shipshape accents. It is then complimented with the hexagonal floor tiles that aims at brightening the bathroom.

Pops of Pink

In this bathroom design, pink is the theme color, a pink bathroom curtain and plus a pink wallpaper to give the bathroom a fine finish. The purple color gives the bathroom a feminine touch.

Natural Beauty

This type of a bathroom design is both serene and posh in every aspect. The theme behind this bathroom is inspired by nature. The design strives towards making your bathroom warm and welcoming.

Geometric Tiles

This is a trendy bathroom design. Eye catching geometric tiles are used to come up with that elegant touch. For those who are very particular about visual interest, thus is the design to go for. This is definitely a must have in any modern set up.

Custom Vanities

This is another popular bathroom design. People now want vanities tailor made for them to suit their needs and satisfy their taste. In this type of design, more storage and working space can be created. It is quite appealing to the eye.

These are some of the interesting bathroom designs you can consider during your next renovation exercise.

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