Traveling With A Vaping Device

Traveling during the Covid19 pandemic has become harder and more challenging. Before you go somewhere, you first must learn about all new regulations that apply to what you can carry, including your vape products. Things like what is the best way of packing vape materials, what can you bring with you on the plane, and how to store them are just a few important matters that will be discussed here. So if you want to learn more, then just click here and follow the information.

Is Traveling With Vape Device Possible?

Yes, you can travel with a vaping device to most countries, but there are still many exceptions. First, you need to check out local laws that regulate vaping in the country you plan to visit. If you travel to Europe or North America, you should not face any problems, but for other places consult the local laws.

Transporting Your Vaping Device

Vaping devices are operated by batteries, which means that your vape kits must go in your carry-on luggage. AA and AAA batteries, as well as bigger C and D batteries, can be transported in your checked baggage or carry-on. You should have a vape battery case to store neatly your batteries while you travel. Keep in mind that electronic cigarettes are using lithium batteries for power. Lithium batteries are known to cause fire and explosions if they are exposed to high heat. To make sure you are complying with traveling provisions, make sure you ask for clarification from airport staff about transferring such batteries.

When it comes to packing vape supplies, make sure you pack carefully. Protect your belongings and make sure all the supplies you carry are dry. Place them in plastic zip bags or special vape cases that are waterproof and damage-proof. For wrapping specific vape pieces, a good idea is to put your vape kit in a soft cloth or bubble wrap for added protection. You can put them in your carry-on luggage or place them in your pockets when you enter the plane. When it comes to e-liquid, make sure you seal the opening of the bottle with strong tape. Then put the bottle inside a plastic bag and use tape to seal it again.

Safety Tips Before Traveling

Before you go to the airport, make sure your vaping device is charged to the max. Charge it at home, because you cannot charge your device while on a plane. Another thing to do is to ensure that the refillable pod or the tank is not full. This is important because cabin pressure can fill the tank with air, which may lead to spillage. Finally, turn your vaping device off just in case while traveling by plane.

Bottom Line

If you follow safety protocols and law provisions, then you can safely travel with your vaping device. When you arrive in the country where you are headed, make sure you follow rules too. Vape only in places where it is legal to do so and enjoy the trip.

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