3 Unique and Creative Ways to Recognize Your Employees

3 Unique and Creative Ways to Recognize Your EmployeesEverybody likes to be recognized for the good work they do. Consistent acknowledgement of employees’ work is the easiest way to raise employee morale. When they feel their value as a worker is recognized, they are likely to work harder. When they feel nobody cares what they do, they are more likely to slack off.

How can you recognize your employees for their hard work? Here are 3 creative ideas to get your creativity flowing.

1. An Awards Ceremony

A yearly company service awards ceremony is a great way to recognize outstanding accomplishments throughout the year. If you have a small number of employees, create what are essentially “participation” awards by awarding people for things that don’t necessarily impact the work itself, such as “Most Decorated Desk” or “Best Dressed.”

Why give out awards for things that don’t really matter? It recognizes your employees and makes them feel like they are a part of things. Employees, who feel noticed, even for inconsequential things, will try harder in the future to get noticed for more important things.

Of course, make sure the big awards are for those who have done an outstanding job. You want to reward the good work as well.

2. Email Shoutouts

Year-round accomplishments are likely to be big, memorable ones, but it can be just as important to recognize the smaller accomplishments. This can be accomplished with an occasional email shoutout to someone who’s done a particular task well. Don’t spam people’s inboxes, but if someone steps up and does something excellently, send out an email to everyone praising their good work. This consistently makes employees think about doing their best, as they know they can be rewarded very soon if they do.

3. Give Rewards

Set goals and achievements with the employees. Every time they surpass that goal, give them a reward. Some reward ideas: a one-time cash reward, gift certificates, a nice gift basket. You can also tailor it specifically to them. For example, if you know your employee is married, you can even recognize their family by providing them with a “date night” kit – gift certificates to a nice restaurant and a movie theater nearby. This reward should be something they can use currently. That will gives them something concrete to be working toward.

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