5 Common Types of Heavy Construction Equipments

If your profession is related to the construction industry or you want to venture into that industry, it’s important that you get acquainted with the various types of equipments used in construction and demolition. These equipments are many and they vary in terms of size, weight, portability and the purpose they serve. In this editorial, we are going to look at the most common types of heavy construction equipment and their uses. Read on.

Heavy Construction Equipment


In simple terms, a crane is a type of mechanism that combines several simple machines to raise, lower of move objects horizontally. They are equipped with a series of strong cables, chains, a winder and sheaves that give the whole construction equipment mechanical advantage to lift heavy objects. Besides lifting and lowering construction materials, cranes can also be used to demolish structures and buildings. You won’t fail to recognize their long arms and big hooks.


Excavators are also known as diggers, they are large and heavy machines that boast as the most used heavy construction equipments. An excavator is made up of 3 different parts; bucket, boom and cab. The articulate arm (boom), cab and bucket are mounted on pivots to allow for easy movement and thus maximum efficiency when working. Some of the projects that excavators handle include digging foundations, trenches and holes. They are also efficient in demolishing structures and lifting heavy materials.


Backhoes are pieces of heavy machinery, mainly used for digging and moving earth. They are often mounted on either a front-loader or a regular diesel tractor and have a bucket which makes the digging easier. This versatile piece of construction equipment is used to dig ditches and trenches. Additionally, backhoes can excavate and drop soil into a truck for easy removal. They thus have the ability to clean up a construction site, move piles of soil or dirt and smooth out the ground with the bucket. If you’re interested in more info about similar equipment, bitumen repairs Mackay website has few great samples.


A bulldozer is a heavy duty machine, characterized by a broad flat and blunt blade, attached in front of a tractor, commonly used to move earth and to clear large areas. There are numerous types of bulldozers but the most common types are the single blade, u blade and combination blade. These powerful equipments are a common sight in construction sites and are often used to strip off vegetation and clear any waste materials. This is done in preparation for foundation digging. Bulldozers are also used to demolish derelict properties thus save a lot of time.


Forklifts are vehicles (mini-trucks) used to lift and convey heavy construction materials from one point to another. They are so named because they have forks in the front that typically lift thousands of pounds. The blades can be moved up or down as well as forward or backward. There are different types of forklifts depending on size and load capacity but majority of the types is not used in construction sites.

There are other numerous types of heavy construction equipments including backhoe loaders and compactors. It’s important to know all the types of heavy construction equipments and their uses so that you can select the equipment that best suits your requirements.

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