An Insight into a Telecommunications Consultant’s Career

TelecommunicationsThe advancements of telecommunications technology have triggered job growth in this field. There is a huge demand of qualified and competent telecommunications consultants. Why companies hire telecommunications consultants? Telecommunications consultants, also called telecommunications specialists assist companies and organisations in selecting the best communications system and equipment according to their requirements.

Responsibilities of telecommunications consultants

These professionals are appointed on either permanent or temporary basis. A telecommunications consultant in a permanent position is responsible for fulfilling several responsibilities such as

  • Building appropriate and cost-efficient telecommunications systems
  • Updating the systems
  • Integrating a complex network of telephones, video terminals and computers

Large-scale companies employ telecommunications specialists in permanent positions. Small-sized companies recruit these professionals on a temporary basis. They need assistance for a short time-span with purchasing and installing their telecommunications equipment.

In either case, the specialist requires determining the services a company requires and the most appropriate equipment to execute the services.

Employers of telecommunications consultants

A telecommunications consultant may work for government agencies. Apart from this, this professional has employment opportunities in –

  • Telecommunications companies
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks
  • Consulting firms
  • Sales and marketing field

Self-employment or freelance work is also possible as a telecommunications specialist. Considerable years of experience along with skills and qualifications will open up opportunities for self-employment.

The introduction of wireless Internet (WI-Fi) has enhanced career prospects for these professionals. There is a demand for specialised Information Technology professionals i.e. telecommunications consultants who can help companies in the correct utilisation of technology in order to communicate with clients in a better way.

Educational requirements and Training

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or electrical engineering is the minimum educational qualification to break into this field. You can advance to a management position earlier in your career as a telecommunications consultant if you possess an MBA degree along with a technical degree. These days many colleges offer telecommunications management programs. Before getting enrolled in such a study program, you should make sure to check the curriculum and the value of the course.

Candidates who completed graduation and post graduation in a business discipline can enter into this profession provided they pursue extensive courses in computer sciences or mathematics. Some companies rarely recruit candidates with a background in liberal arts. An excellent combination of technical as well as business expertise is most sought after by the employers of telecommunications consultants.

Since this field is constantly evolving, telecoms recruitment specialists emphasise that ongoing education is necessary to stay updated with the latest developments.


Technical capabilities and business knowledge are the key skills needed to shape a bright career as a telecommunications consultant. If you work with system users, you require being proficient in explaining complex information to the non-technical professionals. You may have to get involved in research and design related tasks and work in a team. Communication, analytical, team-working and research skills will aid you to be successful in performing these tasks.

Working conditions

As a telecommunications specialist, your work will be office-based. However, you cannot expect to work a standard 40-hour per week always. Working hours are unpredictable in this field. You need to be strong both mentally and physically to cope up with the variable working hours.

Salary and Possibilities of Career Advancement

The average annual salary of a telecommunications consultant is near about ₤45,000. In addition to this, there are benefits like paid vacations and medical insurance.

Since the employment growth is promising, more generous pay package is expected in the coming years. If you are able to prove yourself as a qualified and competent candidate at the entry-level, it will be easier for you to attain a management position quickly.

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