Are Tablets The Future For Businesses?

The business world is in a state of flux.

The debate over whether mobilization is needed is starting to die down, with mobilization falling on the side of absolutely necessary. More and more tools are coming out that make mobilization much more doable, and they are quickly becoming commonplace in the workplace.

So what are these new technologies that make mobilization possible?

Well, the first new technology that makes it all possible is cloud computing. Operating off the cloud means that your business is accessible from anywhere. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access any files you’ve saved to the cloud. Let’s say you’ve got a presentation you’ve been working on and a client or your boss tells you that there are some last-minute changes that need to be handled as soon as possible. But, you’re riding the subway. If you’ve got that presentation saved to the cloud server, you can easily access it and make the changes, whether you’re using a laptop or tablet.

These types of requests are more and more common, but the frequency has been upped because of the new technology.

So what about tablets? When they were first introduced, tablets seemed like a great consumer tool. They had Internet access and were big enough to read your favorite books on. But, it quickly became apparent that these little tools could be a great boon to businesses across the world. Not only are they accessible and small enough to pull out at any moment, the best tablets are ones that provide functionality for businesses.

Laptops are still the best option for getting things done in a quick, efficient manner. But, as tablets gain more traction and features (like physical keyboards), they become more and more viable. Laptops are great for sitting at the office. They are also great for meetings out of the office, but when it comes to getting work done on the fly, tablets can’t be beat.

Here’s a quick list of the best tablets for businesses:

Apple iPad (third generation) – Everyone knows Apple. They started the tablet craze. But the iPad (and all other Apple products) have a built-in cloud option. While this may not be the best option for your business, it is still perfectly compatible with all other forms of cloud technology. The iPad is also extremely versatile and crisp, making getting work done more fun than a chore.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – This is my favorite tablet for one simple reason — the stylus. Typing on a tablet keyboard can be a real chore, but being able to “hand write” notes or use the stylus for directional purposes really makes things a lot easier. It’s also got a few standard software updates (Photoshop, unique Note system) that really separate it from the pack.

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 – This is one of those tablets that comes with a physical keyboard, which obviously gives it a leg up on the competition. Based on overall performance, this is definitely the best performing Android tablet.

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