Are You Leaving Your Family in Harm’s Way?

Being the head of a household means you carry
a fair amount of weight on your shoulders.

That said are you taking all the necessary
steps to protect the ones you love?

While many families are smart when it comes to
their safety, others will drop the ball. In doing the latter, it opens the door
for potential problems.

So, are you leaving your family in harm’s way?

Take Measures to Protect Those You Love

In coming up with a home safety plan for you
and your loved ones; assess your home and any potential weaknesses.

For one, do you have a home security system in
place? If the answer is no, has there been a specific reason or reasons not to
have one?

If you are afraid that money is the biggest
object to such a system, think again. There are affordable systems on the
market that can protect you and your loved ones.

So, it may be time to go online and do some Vivint home security reviews and reviews of any other brands of interest.

In looking at such system, focus in on the

· What the system offers

· How long the provider has been around

· What level of customer service they offer

· What others homeowners and renters have to
say about the brand

When you find the system best suited to
protect you and your loved ones, check a big to-do off your list.

Even with a home security system, don’t feel
as if your work is now done.

Another key area of focus should be on
teaching your children about home protection.

For example, it is never wise to leave doors
and windows unlocked. That said some kids have a habit of running in and out of
the house and leaving the door unlocked in the process. Remember, it only takes
seconds for someone with bad intentions to walk in that front or back door.

If you live in a ranch home or even a two or
three-story home, always keep the windows in the lower level locked. You can
still have a screen there to get fresh air, but make sure the lock or locks are
in place.

Still another area of concentration should be
on keeping the outside of your home trim.

Bushes that are too big may give you cover,
but they can also leave hiding spaces for people trying to break in.

When it comes to outside lighting, be sure
your home is well lit.

While many of these things are commonsense,
will you remember to check all them off your list?

Don’t Advertise You Are Away

Last, you could be leaving you and your family
in harm’s way if you go about advertising you are gone.

The clearest example of this is by going on
social media to note the family is on vacation far from home. This can be an
open invitation to criminals.

So, could your home be inviting to criminals?

Well, the hope is that you are not making it
easier for intruders to visit your family.

If you are, you need to rethink what it means
to be the head of the household.

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