How to become an effective management consultant

Just starting out in management consulting, but struggling to get a foothold in this fast-moving business?

Haris Ahmed has been in the management consultant industry for years. In order to reach the heights he has achieved, he lived by certain rules of thumb.

Below, we’ll reveal the tricks that he and other successful consultants have used to climb to the top of the heap.

1) Your word is your bond

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a consultant, you’ll only go as far as people trust you. Do what you say you are going to do, and get it done by the time you said you would complete it.

This way, clients will know that you are a person who can be counted on to deliver real results. Not only will this endear you to people that have hired you (generating plenty of repeat business), but they will be more than happy to recommend you to their friends.

This will fill up your pipeline with new projects, maximizing the chance your consultancy will still be around five years down the road.

2) How you do anything is how you do everything

You might think that it is okay to slack off in certain areas, but these habits have a way of crossing over into other parts of your life if you let them get ingrained into your work routine.

Even if you are able to do a sound job in other areas, some client might not see things the way you do. Easily correctable errors in spelling and grammar can lead them to question your judgment, even if your conclusions are sound.

3) Become an indisputable expert in a specific area

While some thought leaders extoll the virtues of becoming a generalist (aka Jack of All Trades), it is still better from a marketing perspective to be a peak performer in one specific skill set.

In a world where the noise to signal ratio is more skewed towards the former than ever before, standing out is essential to your success.

Good at spotting profit centers that could be created in a business? Toot your horn about it on your web site and in your social media posts, and soon you will have a stream of new clients who will be wildly in love with the results you deliver for them.

4) Think before acting

After gathering up several years experience in the industry, it can be easy to begin operating on autopilot.

Like many other things in life, however, business is a constantly changing beast. As such, it is important to think through each problem when working with new clients.

By doing this, you’ll come up with enduring solutions which genuinely solve problems rather than applying band-aid solutions that only add to the poor reputation that management consultants have.

5) Always be asking questions

As a consultant, you need to think of yourself as a detective looking to get to the bottom of crimes against business efficiency.

By asking questions wherever there is a knowledge gap, you’ll be able to drill down until you find out what you need to do in order to effectively solve the issue.

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