Best Half Time Superbowl Entertainment    

The Superbowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the sporting world globally now and this isn’t just because of the football being played, but also because of the half time entertainment that is on offer every year. It always attracts the biggest stars to play at their half time show and today we look into some of the best performances from previous Superbowl’s.  


Without a down, the greatest half time show that the Superbowl has had to offer was that of Prince at Super Bowl XLI back in 2007; and in our opinion, it’s not even close.  The best guitarist on the planet at the time lit up the stadium with one of the best Purple Rain renditions we have ever seen him play, with every single one of his talents on show to the world. In typical Prince fashion, he played with the audience and melted many hearts and that’s the reason it’s the best Superbowl half time ever. 


[Image: Ultimate Prince] 


The next memorable half time entertainment show at the Superbowl to come to mind is that of Michael Jackson back in 1993. The King of Pop really turned up for the fans that night, reaching the masses and due to his popularity, he was perfect for the half time show. That long star into the crowd, the famous moonwalk and the classic outfits really were a spectacle for the fans. 


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Finally of the list of best performances at the Superbowl half time shows would be that of Beyonce and Destiny’s Child – and boy do they know how to put on a show. All the girls performed the same entrance as Michael Jackson through the trapdoor which was the first time that it’s been done since the King of Pop and did, they serve that. The lyrics, the movement and the lighting and graphic work was second to none. 

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