What you can do with an education background in IT

Studying technology subjects is an excellent way to prepare yourself for the workplace. Whether you opt for a technology degree or a shorter course, learning the ins and outs of hardware and software systems gives you practical skills that lead to highly paid jobs that are in top demand.

Growing demand for IT skills in the workplace

When skills shortages are discussed, information technology is often at the top of the list. The accelerating pace of technology adoption, combined with the frequent appearance of new areas of technology, means that the pipeline of trained workers can be empty. Even though there is a lot of effort going into training new IT workers, the number of trained workers is simply not keeping pace with demand.

Within the IT sector, it is not just an overall lack of workers that is a problem – in fact, in some IT areas, there is an oversupply of workers due to shifts in which skills are in demand. However, by getting an education in the freshest IT skills areas, you will be able to enter markets where supply is extremely short, which means that you will be paid well and can, in some cases, find yourself virtually assured of a job.

Top IT career choices

There is a very wide variety of positions in information technology. Your education and training may be specific to a particular job function, or could be a broad technology education, and this will determine where you will start your career. Some roles that require specific knowledge have training programs that build on your existing IT knowledge.

Currently, the hottest area in which to start your IT journey is within databases and data analysis. Big data is an important buzzword – companies are investing a lot of funds in the ability to process and interpret data, and individuals who have an education background in database technology are in top demand. Workers with mobile application development skills are keenly sought after, and so is more or less anyone with relevant internet and website development skills.

Contracting as an IT worker

A unique feature of the technology sector is that many workers choose to work as contractors. Contractors have a very wide breadth of experience, and companies often lend a lot of value to workers who can bring a different perspective. Contracting can be as easy as permanent employment when it comes to paperwork – simply offer your services through an umbrella company and questions around sending invoices, collecting payments and paying tax are all taken care of.

Be flexible as an IT worker

It is always a good idea to consider your IT education as just a base from which to start – as your career develops, you will continue to learn, and the work that you do decades later will not rely very much on your initial training. Nonetheless, pick your educational choices with current and future market demand as you do not want to train in areas that are losing prominence.

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