The Changing Needs of the HVAC Industry

New green energy technologies are changing the way that buildings are designed. Traditional heating and air conditioning systems are also being adapted to meet changing government regulations. This is putting considerable pressure on the HVAC industry, and skilled technicians are enjoying a surge in the demand for their services. As a technician, your customers will depend on you to keep their climate control systems functioning as efficiently as possible.

Your diagnosis, service, and repair skills reduce the consumption of energy while also improving the quality of life for occupants. As an expert, your technical knowledge will need to include a fundamental understanding of the pressurized systems, heat transfer, and electricity. You will also need to be able to work with tools, and be familiar with the latest technological developments and regulations.

The HVAC industry needs fresh new technicians willing to learn, adapt, and grow with these changes. To find out more about the future of HVAC industry, check out the infographic below.

The History of HVAC & Cold Air – Skilled Trades – Fortis Blog

Learn how Air Conditioning became a common household item with Fortis’s “History of Cold Air” Infographic:

check out the infographic below.

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