Computers: A gargantuan source of better career opportunities

Going by the number of opportunities it has created and its endless list of advantages, a computer can easily be judged as the most important invention of the modern era. This guest post primarily talks about how this magical device has transformed the face of every industry and more importantly how computers create more employment contrary to the popular belief that it has reduced job opportunities. 


There is no doubt to the fact that the advent of computers has lead to a revolution of sorts in the office space. Not only the productivity has increased a zillion times, but the number of job opportunities that these devices have created is almost uncountable.

It is the immeasurable power of these data processing devices that a major part of the world has a lifestyle that we know today. This invention has single-handedly led to revival of major economies of the world. Computers have changed the way a business operates in its respective industry. There is no denying to this fact that those who still are averse to leveraging the power of this magical device in their business are at a serious disadvantage against their competitors.


The most important benefits of a computer for a business can be summarized in few points:

  • Better organizing capability: Computers have software that help keep track of different files, records, schedules and deadlines all at one place which can be accessed easily at a single click of mouse
  • Increased self-reliance and self-sufficiency: Tasks that earlier needed to be outsourced to other specialist agencies can now be completed in-house using appropriate software utility
  • Cost-effectiveness:  It is universally known that computers have helped reduce expenses by making services more affordable and increasing productivity.
  • Speed: With computers, now no one has to look up in the stack of decade old files to find the records of a particular inventory. Its all there available at the click of a button.
  • More job opportunities: This one might have taken you by surprise, but the truth is that computers have increased the avenues as well as options for aspirants to choose from to earn a living.


How Computers have given employment a boost?


There are plenty of jobs that have erupted as a direct or indirect manifestation of computers. Since, these devices work to make economic activities more profitable, therefore employment generation is also a key effect of them. This may sound counter intuitive, since same productivity is now being achieved with less manpower, but on a closer inspection, it is clear that this increased production requires a greater manpower to handle, manage, distribute and utilize it, hence giving birth to more career opportunities. There are plenty of jobs associated with computers and it all boils down to the proficiency, technical ability and the skill level of the user that decides which career path would be suitable for him or her. Some are less paying, while others are amongst the best paying jobs of the world, depending on the difficulty and the expertise levels.


Not all jobs that are done on a computer qualify the person as a geek. There are some jobs such as Data Entry Operators that require just elementary knowledge of a couple of programs like MS Office or any other office suite and can earn you a decent sum of money. Most of other jobs that includes programming, graphic designing, web application development and even technical writing require medium to high level of expertise in computers and return a handsome salary.  Other than these, computers are essentially a piece of hardware and therefore, manufacturing them is another industry altogether, which employs millions of workers. Needless to say, computer’s role as an employment generator has been outstanding and matchless.

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