Custom box packaging for promotional needs

Several companies place orders for custom boxes for conveying information about their businesses. They also opt for custom packaging to make the broadcast of their new products and for packaging software, DVD or CD.

Weigh up the different types of boxes

While ordering custom packaging you should first consider the different kinds of boxes including corrugated, plastic, set-up boxes, SBS and wood. Most of the people are aware of shipping cartons created with thick brown C-flute corrugated packaging board. If you inspect a side cut off C-flute corrugated box, you will notice that it is wide and thick. This is ideal for shipping but not good for accepting the graphics needed for marketing your product. E flute is just 1/16th inch thick and is thinner than the C – flute. You can also use F-flute as well as B-flute corrugated packaging. You will notice that the F – flute is thinner in comparison to E-flute and you can make use of this for small boxes. You will be surprised to know that B-flute is thinner in comparison to C-flute. However it is thicker than the E – flute. B-flute is 1/8th inch wide and it is utilized for heavy weighted projects.
Decorating the corrugated packaging

Most of the customers prefer that their corrugated packaging should have the graphics printed on litho paper. You can also label your packaging in this fashion. If you use film lamination it will seal the printing and will also help the box to be bent without getting cracked. You have to attach the corrugated box before die cutting. Your film lamination can be glossy or can have a matte finish. You can apply the label to the inner as well as the outer portion of the box. Furthermore you can apply the label to both the sides. The label helps to cover the entire box.

Opting for Flexo printing

You can also opt for Flexo printing for promoting your custom packaging. Just think of a big rubber stamp and you will get the idea of Flexo printing. If you don’t need complex 4 color graphics, Flexo printing can be the right alternative for you. This form of printing is not very stylish and you can only expect the quality of 65 line screen. This differs radically from 150 line screen quality which is common in case of litho printing. Flood coat is the most competent Flexo printing type. You can also use stock printing plates for placing color on the board. In general Flexo plates are charged on the basis of a square inch. If you want to give more graphics to your packaging, it is likely to be more expensive.

Choosing the SBS or paper packaging

SBS or paper boxes have several options for customers. VHS custom box sleeves, product sample packaging and marketing mailers are a few options. The paper boxes help you to hold a product of different sizes and shapes. They are perfectly designed to meet your request in terms of size, color, thickness, shape and design. These are competently designed in the industry to help you excel in the competition.

Place order for the best custom boxes online and promote your business message to your customers effectively.

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