Different Postures of Yoga that keep your Body ‘Fit’!

13-1214-Yoga-006The first and foremost thing that one must consider about yoga is the different variety of styles and postures it has. Major sections of men are seen to be lured towards an Ashtanga yoga style which is said to be fast paced and athletic. Ashtanga yoga involves different poses that are physically demanding and lead to rapid enhancement in upper-body strength. None of the yoga styles are as effective as Ashtanga yoga is.

Different forms of yoga have different benefits. Some of the yoga postures are more advanced while others are not. However, all of them work towards achieving the same goal. Almost all yoga postures tend to seek the spirit of mind, body and soul along with enhancing overall flexibility and strength. The physical postures of yoga play a more important role when your body is out of shape.

Hatha yoga stunde für anfänger is comparatively slower and gentle. However, it becomes quite physically challenging when one moves into its deeper practice. The term “Hatha” when split into two different words form “ha” which means sun and “tha” which means moon. Hatha yoga lessons are designed for the beginners. People who are inexperienced and have not built up much confidence regarding yoga must certainly go for Hatha yoga because of its slower paced breathing methods and sitting styles.

Vinyasa yoga on the other hand is a fast paced yoga style that much resembles Ashtanga yoga. Rather than, doing individual forms of yoga over a mat, one must go for a synchronization with out-flow and inflow of breath by practicing different yoga styles. The synchronization of different forms of yoga tends to create a dynamic effect over the entire body. It enables heat generation within your body that leads to greater body effects. The enhanced body temperature results in muscle stretch and immediate weight reduction.

Health Benefits of Different Yoga Postures

Both Vinyasa and Hatha yoga tend to render a wide range of health benefits. The slow paced exercise of Hatha yoga style instills great confidence. It motivates one to go for a higher level of yoga exercises that will help in increasing mobility of joints as well as body muscles. A proper synchronization of fast and slow paced yoga postures also helps in attaining peace of mind along with the multiplying concentration level. It helps to keep you calm thereby making your body anxiety & toxic free.

Over thousands of years back, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga were developed by various enlightened Masters. The creators of these yoga postures integrated great wisdom with modern science to getting the best possible results. The combination of fast and slow paced yoga tends to stroke and massage glands that form the human endocrine system. On practicing yoga on a regular basis, one does not only purifies and cleanses body, but also keep it healthy and well balanced. Yoga postures create a deep impact over human body in an effective and powerful way. They provide vitality and radiant health to the human body. Apart from that, it also affects the baseline hormonal level that is extremely important for the rejuvenation of overall health.

Author’s Bio: Jennifer has great knowledge about different yoga postures such as vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga stunde für anfänger & many more. She knows the benefits of all types of postures.


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