The Different Types of Pocket Watches

There are many different types of pocket watches available, unbeknownst to the uninitiated. The movement inside the watch is pretty much the same in all of the styles, but there are subtle differences overall, for each of the styles that are available. The two different types of movement that are available are mechanical, and quartz movements. The difference between these two is a quartz movement is battery operated, whilst a mechanical movement is powered by springs and needs to be wound regularly. Most modern watches are all quartz movement, due to the fact that mechanical watches are very labour intensive, and also take a high level of craftsmanship. You will find that most vintage, or antique pocket watches, will be mechanical movement, as the quartz movement watch, was not invented until 1969, by the Japanese company, Seiko.

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The Full Hunter

The full hunter pocket watch is a watch which is enclosed in a case, often elaborately decorated with engraving, and also potentially a picture on the inside case. Unlike the modern wrist watches of today, every time that you wished to check the time, you would need to take this watch out of your pocket, and open it up. Not as quick and easy as looking at your wrist, which you do with the modern watches of today.

The Half Hunter

The way that they combated the hassle of having to take the watch out of your pocket, and open the case, was to invent the half hunter pocket watch. This is very similar in design to the full hunter, but the front of the case had a crystal, or a hole, which allowed the user to see the time, without having to open the case up. This proved to be a very popular design and was a lot more practical that its predecessor.

The Open Face

The open face pocket watch is pretty self explanatory, unlike the full hunter and also half hunter pocket watches, the open face watch does not have a case. This means that to see the time, all you need to do was to pull it out of your pocket, and you will be able to see the face of the watch clearly. Although this style of pocket watch is popular today, in the 18th and 19th century, this style was not popular. The reason for this is that the watch was not protected, so the face of the watch could easily get damaged, or scratched.

The Double Hunter

The double hunter pocket watch is very similar in design to the full hunter. This style of pocket watch has a lid to protect the front of the pocket watch, but also has a lid on the reverse. This allows you to see the mechanical movements of the watch inside, and also allows you to stand it up on a flat surface.

The Double Half Hunter

The double half hunter is a combination of both the double hunter, and also the half hunter pocket watches. Just like the double hunter, there is a lid on each side of the watch which opens up. You also have a crystal, or opening, on the front of the watch, which allows you to see the time without fully opening the watch. This gives the owner the luxury of being able to see the time, without having to open the watch, which in turn protects the hands from getting damaged.

There are many different styles of elegant pocket watches available, and you can find plenty of choices at Whether you are looking for a gift, or you collect pocket watches, a vintage pocket watch is a timeless classic for any man’s wardrobe.



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