Dust Extraction Helps Improve Quality Of Air

A dust extraction system is a mechanism by which the quality of air is improved in commercial, industrial or shopping setups. It can also be used at home to enhance the quality of breathable air and ensure the safety of lives by eliminating particulate matter from the environment and air. A basic formula ‘capture, convey and collect’ is used for the successful functioning of dust extraction systems.

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How the Formula Works

First, it is important for the dust to be captured. You can use devices like capture hoods to make sure the dust is trapped at its source of origin. The machine from which this dust is produced usually has a port to which this duct can be attached directly.

The second thing in queue is for the dust to be conveyed. A ducting system is used to carry this out. This ducting system has to be sized properly and folded accurately for it to maintain a certain amount of air velocity that is necessary to hold the dust in suspension so that it is convenient for the collection device to eventually extract it. An incorrect duct size can cause the material in the system to settle and clog it.

Lastly, the dust is collected via several media. The medium depends on the application and the dust inside it. You could choose from a basic pass through filter, an impingement baffle or a cyclonic separator. Other options like multistage bag house, electrostatic precipitator, stripping tower and chemically treated wet scrubber are also available.

Types of Dust Extraction Systems

Small dust extraction systems make do with a single stage vacuum unit so that suction is produced and air filtration can be carried out. In this case, the waste material is sucked into an impeller and carried to a container such as a barrel, bag or canister. The air is also recirculated after being passed through a filter to trap tiny particulate matter.

A large dust extraction system makes use of a two stage setup whereby large particles from fine dust are separated with the help of a pre-collection device (cyclone canister, baffled canister). Thereafter the air is drawn through an impeller. This air can be exhausted outside or filtered and brought back into the inside area.

Dust extraction systems are usually part of big management programs that check the quality of air and ensures large airborne particles are filtered in units attached to the ceiling of work spaces. While working with these devices, workers are given masks for safety. Air filtration units are made in such a way that large quantities of air can be processed and fine particles can be removed.

The Need for Dust Extraction

Dust extraction methods need to be implemented properly so that workers are safe from various health conditions like emphysema and bronchitis. These problems stem from dust particles in the air and could result in deadly conditions like cancer. In fact, dust emerging from wood also contains fungi and chemicals that can settle in the lungs and cause fatal illnesses.

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