Football is at a record high

Football has always been one of the most watched sports in the world with millions of us tuning in on a weekly basis to watch our favourite clubs or national teams. Now that fans can return to the stadiums and grounds to watch their favourite teams’ football is now more popular than ever before and it is not just football that has grown recently since the season began but so has the online gambling industry with many of us placing those winning accas on a weekly basis. Football is the most betted on sport in the world and since the season started again online bookies have never been busier. Football fans love an away day and whilst on the coach early doors to the games groups of friends love a few drinks and to sit around placing some long shot bets and when looking for some teams to bet on football is now offering more leagues than ever before due to the sport being so popular now. Football has always been popular but recently is has gone wild due to the recent transfer window that has seen the likes of Messi and Ronaldo moving teams which no one ever saw coming. This has boosted the industry massively with there now being more football fans than ever before, and it looks set to keep on growing over the next few years with local football teams seeing record numbers of new children signing up to learn the sport.

Since the new season started fans have also been allowed back to games which is the first time in nearly two seasons that they have been able to return to watch their favourite teams play once again. A lot of fans have been waiting for this day to come for a long time as it is seen as their way of socialising and for some the only thing that they leave the house for or look forwards to. The euros seen all nations involved in great spirits with millions of us tuning in to cheer our home nations on in the tournament, and this again led to seeing a huge increase in football fans with people who have never even watched the sport before falling in love with it due to their home nations doing so well in the tournament. The world cup is not far off, and this is also expected to make football see new records yet again.

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