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Search Engine Optimisation is considered as one of the most effective methods to draw the maximum amount of traffic as possible to the web pages- or websites from the most popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing and others. As the web page or the website start getting good ranks in the search engine result page, the number of traffic also gets increased to that particular page or the website. Only a skilled and experienced SEO expert can do this job of boosting up the ranking on the behalf of their clients. It takes rigorous practice and lots of earning to become a search engine optimiser. One should have a fair idea on search engines and the ways to improve the ranking of the websites for the keywords chosen by the clients in the search engine result pages.

The big SEO world is actually divided into two major parts depending on the two main inherent practices: one is organic search engine optimisation and another is Pay Per Click rendition. The most important target set by most of all SEO experts is to make the website he is working for reaching the top position in the result pages of various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others within the shortest period of time. To fulfil the target many Search Engine Optimiser take help from PPC campaign, which is an effective way of improving search engine ranking. PPC campaign cost a certain amount of money from the advertisers. In return it allows them to put their advertisements on the strategic place of the page in the website so that every people visiting the site can come across the advertisement and finally visit the site by clicking on the link attached to the ad. The payment method is different here. Each time a new visitor click the link displayed in the ad, a certain amount of money gets deducted from the account of the clients.

But on the other hand there are many who believe in working hard and putting the maximum time and effort to reach their target. They believe in organic SEO that has a natural approach that improve the website ranking naturally by optimising through various organic ways. On and off page optimisation, keyword analysis, back links, analytics, and link building, quality management are some of the most important parameters of organic SEO. The organic SEO process is currently holding the top position in the list of online marketing strategy because of its consistency and effectiveness .The only drawback of this process is the time. The entire process of organic SEO takes a long time to get completed or to reach the target. It may take 6 long months for the business owners to meet their target while investing money in PPC campaign can help them to achieve their goal within a few days.

The result achieved from organic SEO is much more consistent as well as reliable in comparison with the PPC. Apart from that people prefer organic SEO in spite of it being a time consuming as it does not required to invest a single amount of money, moreover the result achieved through the process adds a great importance to the ranking of the website.

But the entire process of organic SEO can only be executed successfully with the help of a skilled and experienced SEO expert who have a sound knowledge on various aspects related to the organic SEO and is familiar with the application of those strategies. Hiring a full time SEO expert who is reputed enough and have received awards and recognitions for his works can be a good option as he can take the responsibility of the entire project from the day one and start working on it by identifying the requirements and their powerful solution.

Author bio: Jason is an acclaimed freelance SEO expert having a huge client base that consists of both corporate and individual clients. He maintains his own blog site in his free time.

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