How To Create A Catchy and Awesome Website Design



Asking 10 people to define what a good website design is and you will most likely get 15 different answers. There are various perceptions about this topic.  For example, a web programmer is going to see website design quite distinctively than a graphic artist would. However, there are some common features of all good and catchy web designs.

Put only quality content on your website. Any good website design begins and ends with the content on the site. Always keep in your mind that what makes a website stands still amidst of the very tough competition is its quality and fresh content. Users and consumers come and visit sites which can help them answer their learning needs. You website will not be a fan-favorite or attention grabber if your content is not interesting.

Avoid using annoying or disgusting graphics or backgrounds on your website. Remember the acronym KIS – keep it simple. It shouldn’t be some sort of artistic masterpiece but it also should not give people headaches when they look at it. Whenever you come up with a web design, you have to be sure that you will not put any unattractive backgrounds or unappealing features like clashing colors or unreadable text.

Make your website easy to navigate through. Not all people using the internet are well-versed and compute savvy and the fact the most of the people that surfs the web for specific information are totally computer savvy. One best thing to do to have your users and visitors coming back for more is make everything is easy to find. You must know that not user-friendly website is what annoys most of the users. They can’t any longer as they know they’ll just waste time roaming around your page.

Keep your website design consistent. It doesn’t matter what palette scheme or them you pick, but make sure that you keep it consistent throughout your whole website. You page shouldn’t be different from the next page as it will just confuse the visitors and readers. You have to place common features such as links to other sites or the contact information in the same place from page to page.

Always make your visitors feel welcome. It is one of the secrets that you must employ on your website because treating and making them feel important will have a great impact on the way people see you as an entrepreneur. Moreover, you must have feedback forms and a contact page in your website design so that you readers can get in contact with you easily. Reach to your readers and visitors and cater to their suggestions and feedback.

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