How To Prepare For An Office Move

Have you ever sought help from office movers to assist in the relocation? If you have, then there are some insights that you need to know in order to make it more efficient next time. By being adequately prepared for the arrival of movers, you can easily streamline the procedures and make it stress-free. Here are tips that you need to consider when preparing to relocate your office.

Prior planning is key

Planning in advance is very important when you want to relocate office. You need to ensure that the normal office procedures are not affected during the move. This is important because the business needs to continue serving clients as usual. Having prior arrangements will help ensure minimal disruption of office routine because it is vital to your success.

Familiarize with the new office location

Before embarking on this stressing exercise, it is important to familiarize yourself with new premises. It is also vital that you know where all the file cabinets, furniture and computers are going to be placed before the movers arrive to charge of the process. Supposing there are significant changes in the office plan, it is equally important to ensure that these are done in advance.
Drawing out the floor plan

Indeed, after you have been moved in, there are always some adjustments to make, however, if every item has a place before, then it is possible to minimize the disruption of business. You should know that making small adjustments must not put the business operations down. Never forget to inspect the new premises for ease of accessibility. This includes how the office movers are going to transport the office properties to the new space. So inspect the elevators, stairways, windows and doors in order to address these concerns.

There is need to keep correspondence alive.

Everyone involved, from personnel to customers should be well aware of the relocation and the expected down time if any. They should also know more details about the current affairs if possible, before the work begins. Supposing the movers arrive and your customers, landlord, employees and other significant people to your business are not aware of the details, you may be in for a big trouble.

Communicate with the office moving company

You can easily streamline the process by marking the boxes and furniture with corresponding colors. This is a very easy way of directing the movers on what to be done. By marking the furniture and boxes with appropriate colors that correspond to rooms, these professionals will know exactly what is expected of them. Just make sure to label everything. After hiring professional office movers, your communication with them is very important so that everything runs smoothly and according to your instructions.

Prepare a moving guide for your personnel.

For every step in the process, your workers should be shown what to do at the old and new locations. You should ensure that the guide is detailed as possible and outlines everything that you expect. In this guide, ensure that they understand what you require them to pack and unpack. You also need to address the security files which may require special escort. These files are important and should be locked in a safe when being relocated, “do not move”.

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