Ines Cano Uribe – How to Make Your Blog More Popular

Owning a blog is a great deal of fun and it can help you to express yourself, to create a community or even to make some money. One of the biggest challenges that comes from trying to make a successful blog like that of my good friend Ines Cano Uribe is trying to ensure that many people can see it. Such is the ease of creating a blog, there are literally hundreds of thousands of them out there and this can make it hard to engage with people or bring them to your site. If you are trying to make your blog more popular then here are some ways in which you can do it.


In order for your blog to feature higher in search rankings, search engines want to see that you are trusted online. In order to gain this trust, you need to have links to your site from a number of other, stronger websites. A great way to gain these links is by trawling the net for strong sites within your niche and making comments on their articles which you find interesting. When you comment on a mother blog you will have the option of putting your own site in the comments, if accepted, this can get you some strong links pointing back to your own website.

Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest and most powerful ways in which you can drive more visitors to your website. You should not only be looking to share your content on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but also constantly adding value to your accounts. If you overshare promotional material then you will end up alienating your visitors and they will switch off. The best way to do this is to regularly post and only share external links, once every now and again. If you want to really make your mark online then the best way to do so is through the use of social media as a tool which can bring visitors to your blog.

SEO Strategy

SEO or search engine optimization is a way in which you can manipulate search engines so that your blog will arrive high up the search results when people search for a certain set of keywords. For example, if you have an article about your favorite movies, you can work hard on a solid SEO campaign which will see your blog’s article feature highly when someone searches for ‘top movies to watch’ for example. This is a great way to bring more traffic to your site and it will also help to strengthen the reputation of your blog overall. If you want to invest then you can spend money on an SEO strategy, alternatively you could research it online and do it yourself based on the advice which you find.

There are always ways and means to bring more traffic to your blog and it is important not to get discouraged if you find that you are writing for nobody.

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