The Library of Classics

Audio books are recordings of people reading books aloud. Everyone over 30 remembers the stories that our parents told us when we were little, before there was technology that could offer those fairy tales in audio form. Well, those once rare books are now available at an affordable price and can be found on CD or even as downloadable mp3s on the internet. Using an mp3 player to listen to audio books provides a new, easy way to catch up on reading and to make the best use of your time. Literature enthusiasts and curious minds alike will love this product. Take advantage of the opportunity to hear the books that you have always wanted to read.

What is it?

Classic literature remains an important piece of culture, but there is so little time today to dedicate to reading all of the great works. The Library of Classics provides a perfect solution to this unfortunate reality. The new MP3 player comes loaded with 100 of American literature’s most important books, as well as 50 important pieces of classical music. This player will help to fill any sort of free time in a worthy and beneficial way. There audiobooks of famous movies or books, but there are also stories with educational values ​​and audiobooks on school subjects like biology, etc.. While in the Spanish market, the most abundant are the first ever fashion becomes more audiobooks dealing school issues the child may be studying at the time in class.

Versatile and Perfect for Everyone

The Library of Classics is ideal for all types of people. A grandparent whose eyesight hinders reading can continue to enjoy good books in old age. Avid exercisers can listen to the books they have been meaning to read while they walk, jog, bike, or climb the stair master. Travelers of any age can take advantage of travel time in with audiobooks and soothing, beautiful music. Pop in your ear buds while you clean the house and do laundry to multitask during what usually turn out to be mundane chores. Anyone seeking to simply relax at home can listen to a favorite novel on the couch, in bed, or in the backyard. Give it as a gift or treat yourself to free time of culture, learning, and reflection. The main advantage of audiobooks is that they can be heard while practicing any other type of activity, allowing children to develop cognitive skills such as sustained attention or vocabulary while they and their parents perform other actions.

Easy and Practical

As easy to use as an iPod, the Library of Classics is accessible and can enhance nearly any aspect of everyday life. The device features over 600 hours of audiobooks, which are narrated with clear voices in high quality sound. What’s more, the package costs just under $100. There is even room to download other audiobooks and your favorite music so that you can diversify your auditory experience and listen to the things you love. Improve your mind and pursue your passions, making the best use of all of your time. Listen to the classics that you never had time to read on the Library of Classics literature and music player.

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