Lift Your Skin Using Ultrasound Technology

Gravity is the skin’s worst enemy and it is as if there is nothing we can do about it. One day, we wake up, and your eyebrows have drooped. You try a nap, but that doesn’t work anymore. We all know that the facelift exists to help with this, but most of us don’t have the money for that, nor do we look forward to going under the knife. It is no surprise, therefore, that so many people look into nonsurgical methods of fighting gravity, one of which is Ultherapy treatment.

What Is Ultherapy?

Basically, it is a new type of technology that helps to lift and tighten the skin. It does this with acoustic (sound) energy. Through imaging technology, it ensures acoustic energy is delivered at the right strength to the right depth, effectively vibrating collagen. When collagen vibrates, it responds by creating more collagen, which tightens the skin.

Ultherapy does not, unfortunately, stop the clock. That is what a facelift does. Rather, it fights the signs of aging by making your skin act as if it is 10 years younger again. But while the effects are perhaps not as drastic as those of a facelift, it does have a number of key benefits, including:

  • No scalpels or scars.
  • No risk of wound infections.
  • No pain, bruising, swelling, or crusting.
  • No lengthy recovery time. In fact, the treatment can be completed during your lunch hour and you can go straight back to work.

Ultherapy heats up the collagen under your skin, sending it into overdrive. When more collagen is produced, the jaw line becomes more defined, the brow firms, and the neck lifts. You will notice results straight away, and those results become more prominent over the course of the months. In fact, research has shown that 90% of those who have used the treatment notice tightening, as well as improvement of texture and tone, with the biggest results being seen after three to six months.

Details About Ultherapy

It is important that you know exactly what to expect from the procedure. As it is a type of medical procedure, there are potential risks and side effects. Serious side effects are rare, but some people do experience slight discomfort and numbness, which doesn’t last long. It is important to only have the procedure completed by a registered and trained physician.

The procedure itself takes about half an hour to complete, and the results are said to last around 18 months. It is perfect for those aged between 35 and 60 who have some laxity in their skins. One treatment delivers full results within three to six months, although those over 60 may require a second treatment after six months.

For many people, it is important to improve their appearance and look younger. They feel it makes them look more professional in the workforce, and it gives them more confidence. Ultherapy is the perfect solution for them, as it is noninvasive and highly effective.

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