Pimp up your storage unit – five amazing storage spaces

Storage units are a great way to keep your personal belongings safe and secure but what if you wanted to do more with this space than fill it with old TVs or heavy furniture? Well, many people have made good use of their storage area and turned it into something both practical and spectacular, so let’s take a look at five amazing examples for inspiration. If you’re considering renting a unit from the likes of Ready Steady Store, these might fuel your imagination!

Storage unit turned apartment

Sure, it might be cosy living in a 387 square foot storage unit but that didn’t stop Stockholm resident Karin Matz from turning this tiny space into a fully-functioning apartment. Complete with an Ikea sourced kitchen, brand new electrical wiring, under bed storage, modern light fittings, a quaint dining table, a two-seater sofa and a teeny tiny bathroom, this is one example of how you can certainly turn less into more. The great thing about this apartment, however, is that while half of it has been totally modernised and redecorated, the other half remains rustically shabby.

Storage unit turned rehearsal space

What better way to rock out without disturbing the neighbours than by taking your noise to a remote, off-site, open-all-hours storage unit? Not only can you practice at any time of the day but you can also keep all your instruments and equipment safe and secure inside. That’s exactly what Grammy Award-winning band Hootie & the Blowfish used to do and it seems storage units continue to provide the perfect rehearsal space for budding rockers today. What’s more, many units come complete with great facilities with Abbott West Self Storage on the outskirts of Nashville offering soundproofed walls, electrical outlets, in-unit heat and air conditioning. Cool huh?

Storage unit turned zombie no-go area

If you believe a zombie apocalypse is imminent, now could be the right time to prepare for an attack. As we speak, many people are pimping out their storage units with everything they might need to survive a zombie invasion including food and drink (think bottles of water, cans of beans, crisps, biscuits and other non-perishables) as well as spare clothes, books (to help you escape metaphorically), batteries, weapons for self-defence and some kind of triple padlock in case they try and bust through the door. It might also be worth getting hold of a vehicle in case you need to make a quick escape.

Storage unit turned personal yoga studio

Yoga is all about releasing tension and getting rid of daily stresses. So, if you need somewhere quiet and relaxing to do your stretches, why not turn your storage unit into a personal yoga studio? That way, you won’t have to rush around to make scheduled exercise classes on time and can unwind in comfort whenever you may please. Fitness fanatics are cottoning onto this idea with many holding small yoga lessons from the comfort of their storage unit so grab your exercise mat and ball and find a storage space suitable for your needs – preferably no smaller than 6 feet wide and ten feet long so you can do your moves correctly.

Storage unit turned office

If you run your own business and are looking for a low-cost way to expand your company without hiring an expensive office, storage units could be just what you’re looking for. Many organisations are currently operating from behind the iron doors of these handy units including Blue Box Socks, a disposable socks and footwear business based in Doncaster. Owner Rob Douthwaite realised he needed more warehouse space. “I needed to buy in larger quantities to meet the increasing demand but didn’t have enough storage space,” he said. “I looked at warehousing units but I couldn’t justify all the extra expense of my own unit, with the costs of rates, heating and lighting. I took a step back and looked at other options for storage and took the decision to go with self storage from a local company.”

Storage units are great for keeping all kinds of treasured belongings, but they can also be used for a wealth of different activities, so it’s well-worth making the most of your small space. 

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