Ready, Set, Grow Your Company

The sure sign of a winning company is one that can maintain growth through all types of market conditions and challenges that come throughout the life of the business. For those companies that are not growing or growing at their potential, there needs to be steps taken to get them up to speed. Business experts like Mark Leder use their own set of strategies of fire up a company. His business success, proves that having a great set of guidelines is needed. Here is a strategy you can adopt to put or keep your company on the path of steady growth.

Understand and Stay Aware of Your Current Status

Assessing where things are can be the most difficult thing for a business owner to do because it takes having a realistic look at what is going wrong and right, and why? At the end of this assessment, the owner will have to admit that everything that is not going up to plan is his own fault to a small and large degree.

But having this sort of critical look is unavoidable and those business owners that can do it have a great advantage over those who cannot. Its role in the process is that it is in fact the proper start point for creating the type of long term growth we are discussing.

So first, put to paper and real assessment of things. Approach it like you are disconnected from the outcome and doing it as an exercise. Be direct and honest about people, products, services, marketing and sales plans, operating procedures and liabilities. When you truly understand how it all fits together, you will get a sense of what is going extremely well and what needs to be modified.

But before you make any changes, give yourself a chance to back away from what you have discovered. Take a day and reread it all to be sure you are reviewing it with no emotion, only a goal to understand. Then get prepared to take action.

Do you need an outside voice to come in and offer some advice? If so approach someone you respect and trust. Someone who knows your business but also is far enough away that he or she will be able to make his or her own assessment. At the end of this process, you will have a good understanding of where things stand and what needs to be modified for real growth.

Make Sure You Have a Winning Team

There is no substitute for a team of winners. Winners find ways to victory if victory is possible. So a main ingredient for any company growth success story is having a winning core team.

The core team should have a complete and complementing skill set that make it capable of completing at a high level any job required in the company. Companies each have very specific challenges and the team should be qualified to take them on. Here are some problems and what type of core team members are needed:

  1. Similar Problems that Reoccur – There needs to be team members that have great concentration skills and an ability to do high quality work consistently. Ones that can face challenges and bring them to a good conclusion for the company.
  2. The Need to Organize employees for key tasks – There needs to be team members with great communication skills.
  3. New Problems that were not anticipated – There needs to be team members who have a complete understanding of every part of the business and how to manipulate things within the business to create positive outcomes.
  4. Things will drag on longer than expected – There needs to be team members who have a skill in motivating the troops and keeping them focused on meeting company goals.
  5. Accurate Estimating of Needed Resources – There needs to be team members with a skill at accurately determining what is needed to get the job done and an ability to modify those estimations based on the changing conditions of the job.

The next step is mapping out a plan for future growth. This should be done with your team and using your understanding your business’s current status.

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