Staff Management – The Growing Need for Virtual Offices

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You may have noticed that the business world is undergoing some very important changes right now. With mobile technologies growing ever more sophisticated, there are very few tasks which cannot be carried out ‘on the go.’ This is having a profound impact on the way contemporary companies are structured because suddenly, the whole world is an office.

The ‘mobilisation’ of our workplaces is a big deal, as it means that employees no longer have to be physically present to perform. When coupled with steadily rising rent rates, in the Philippines and other parts of Asia, it’s no wonder that some businesses are abandoning brick and mortar offices altogether. The question is, could it work for your enterprise?

This guide to the benefits of virtual solutions will explore the reasons why traditional offices are now in decline.

The Traditional Office Is Distracting

Check out the virtual office services from Servcorp for some examples of alternative workspaces in central Manila. While they can seem like quite a drastic change to the norm, multiple studies suggest that flexible, open plan environments are key to greater efficiency.

In fact, traditional offices are some of the least productive places to work. They are filled with unnecessary distractions, many of which employees never come into contact with when carrying out tasks at home, with the virtual office for support.

You Don’t Need Supervision for Results

This is another common myth which is now being unravelled. According to a recent study, the most frequently accessed web app in supervised offices is Farmville, a Facebook game. So, it’s clear that being able to watch employees isn’t the same as being able to motivate them.

Virtual offices and remote teams can be just as successful (if not more) than physical operations, as long as objectives are clear. Getting results is not about telling. It’s about making sure that employees feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in their role.

Managing Onsite Teams Is Expensive

Virtual offices will always be more cost effective than on site physical routines. For small businesses, this is very important, as going ‘remote’ is a chance to compete with big market players. It’s easier to manage expenses, target spending, and squeeze value out of profits.

If you work with one of the virtual providers in Manila, you’ll get access to best breed software which would usually cost two or even three times more for a private user. This is possible because the resources are not leased outright. They are accessed on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

The World Needs Mobile Businesses

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the benefits of virtual solutions for global network building and expansion. As all brands become increasingly international, the race to win friends and influence people is moving faster than ever. If you want to keep up, you’ve got to be agile.

Virtual offices make expansion simple and substantially less precarious for businesses. Instead of investing heavily in markets you’re not sure of, you can use these facilities to network, build connections, and feel out the level of interest before committing.

How to Find a Superb Virtual Office in Manila

You’ll find several virtual facilities in central Manila, close to the busy retail and financial districts. They are located here because this where all the action happens. It is where investors and talented graduates will look for their next opportunity.

For instance, you’ll find two such premium virtual facilities on Ayala Avenue. This spot, in particular, is a very special one, as it is home to many of the biggest brands in the Philippines. This is where you should start your search if you’re interested in trying virtual office solutions.

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