Storage Ideas for Kids’ Room

Just imagine toys on the floor, clothes on the chair, sketchbooks and pencils on the bed. It is not a chaos sketch; it is a typical kids’ room. For some reason, it is a kid who has most things in the family, and all of them are really necessary.

However, there is a chance to avoid the usual clutter of a kids’ room. It is important to organize a storage space correctly. Though, do not think that you need to install bulky cabinets, which take up half of the room space. Fortunately, with, it is possible to organize compact and spacious storage compartments. 

Moreover, storage space provided by Dragons of Walton Street would not be just convenient. The company produces exclusive designer furniture and accessories; so, they will not only spoil the interior but also complement it with unusual décor elements.

It is useful to start storage place planning by dividing the room into zones:

  • Play zone
  • Relax zone
  • Sports zone
  • Study and creativity zone

Such zoning will really simplify the storage organization process because every room area has its own assignment, which influences the number of stored things.

Additionally, consider that kids’ staff storage should not be a separate zone; it includes particular furniture elements. Thus, the most popular range of storage furniture elements consists of:

  • Closets
  • Dressers
  • Racks
  • Wall shelves
  • Boxes under the bed
  • Toy cases

Closets are perfect for the safe keeping of clothes on hangers, while dressers are appropriate for other clothing items.

Racks and wall shelves could be used as storage for baby bottles, pacifiers, and diapers at first and as a bookshelf later.

Under-bed drawers and toy boxes are a godsend for parents because you can store almost everything there and free the room space.

Moreover, Dragons of Walton Street offers cabinets, dressers, boxes, etc. with thematic designs and hand-painted elements; so, you receive not just a practical interior but an original one as well.

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