The Benefits of Networking with Other Businesswomen

Women have come a long way in the business world after decades of having to fight their way beyond the glass ceiling. Although the businesswomen of today don’t fight the same degree of battles fought by their foremothers, there are still strides to make to further even out the equality between male and female businesspeople. No matter how long you’ve been in business, networking with other businesswomen can provide a multitude of benefits that help you deal with obstacles while furthering your career.

  • Benefit from a Mentor. A recent college graduate or young woman who’s just entered the business world can benefit greatly from working with a mentor who’s had more time to gain experience and expertise. Networking opportunities are an excellent way to meet potential mentors that can share their wisdom and knowledge to help guide you in your career decisions.
  • Grow Your Business with Networking. Networking with other businesswomen is also an effective way to grow your business. As you talk with other businesswomen, you can meet others who might benefit from your services or product. Likewise, you can agree to tell others about each other’s business, especially if they’re complementary in nature. Always bring your business card and any other pertinent information when networking.
  • Gain Wisdom and Insight. The women you meet that have been in business longer than you have had time to accrue experience and knowledge that will take you years to gain. Although there’s nothing like learning from doing, tapping in to another’s knowledge can give you a leg up as you work to move ahead in the business world. Take advantage of opportunities to learn from women who’ve been in business any length longer than you.
  • Share Experience with Others. As you invest more of your career in business, you’ll soon be in a position to impart knowledge and wisdom on the next generation of businesswomen. The strides you’ve made in dealing with issues such as discrimination in the workplace or juggling business and family can benefit women who have yet to face those issues. Plan to attend networking opportunities to gain something that betters you as a businesswoman while also imparting knowledge or expertise that helps someone else. Depending on your availability, you might even consider becoming involved in a mentoring program to help recent college graduates who’ve just entered your company or business field.

The pay-it-forward concept makes networking with women and win-win situation for everyone. Attend women in business networking events to gain knowledge, share insight and discuss your business with potential clients or other women business owners. While networking with businessmen is also beneficial, other women in the business world share your unique perspective and have an understanding that men unfortunately cannot have. Choose the circle of businesswomen you choose to network with just as carefully as you would from a circle of businessmen. You want to surround yourself with like-minded businesswomen who will encourage and affirm your actions as you endeavor to grow your business or build your career.

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