Three ways to conduct effective management development program

In the business world there is a popular phrase that is known and even a few years back, was believed by everyone. The phrase is that managers cannot be made, they are born. However the phrase does not hold true anymore. With the changing world business scenario, it has become important that people be trained to become managers since there are a lot of aspects that goes into management. Unlike the concept held in the recent past that management meant only barking orders at everyone, it is actually the complete opposite. Let me explain.


To manage a company, you have to have an all round expertise. You have to have a sharp mind to take quick yet correct decisions, plan, strategize as well as implement business goals, have excellent people skills and have a keen mind overall. It takes not only experience but training to make good managers out of a common employee.


Moreover, it was the tradition of companies in the past to promote an employee with the maximum experience to the post of manager, without any training whatsoever. The problem with this traditions was that the employee had years of experience in a completely different field, that did not and could not have turned the person into a good manager. Hence more often than not the person failed in the new role miserably causing loss to the business as well as stress to own self.


The solution of all the above problems has been found in management development program. Companies conduct these programs in-house or by hiring the services of another management developing company or by sending their employees to get courses done on management programs. All the three ways of conducting the manager developing program has its own benefits, as discussed below:


  • Conducting in-house training – this is a way that employees would feel most comfortable in and is cost effective too. But by conducting management development course in-house with the help of existing managers, you also have to put a number of useful managerial resources in training employees, who would otherwise have been useful in doing other important business work.
  • Hiring the services of a management development company – this is a cost effective and resource effective technique and hence is the most popular one among all. The training is usually conducted within the company premises but by experts from a management development company that specializes in providing effective management training to employees of various companies.

Sending selected employees for a management course – this is a little costly way since you have to get your employees enrolled in management courses of some university or college. It also means that the employee would be completely dedicated to the training and would not be able to work for you throughout the training period. This method also has the disadvantage that you have to select few employees among all for training and after the completion of the training; the employee might just leave your company and benefit your competitor.

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