Top three takeaways from Oreo’s tweet

Oreo cookies

Everyone is going nuts over Oreo’s Super Bowl blackout tweet. People are calling it a watershed moment in real time marketing. Ad Age says it was “arguably the best ad” of the Super Bowl, a substantial statement considering how many millions of dollars go into getting brands in front of eyes during America’s most grandiose sporting event.

Oreo was not alone, of course. Tide, Motel 6, Audi, Volkswagen and a motley crew of other brands were tweeting up a storm during the game, but Oreo seems to be the only brand that nailed the execution with a timely, well-designed, quirky tweet that fit in with the company’s already illustrious social media strategy.

So what can you learn from this tweet that has marketing types all atwitter? The first lesson is that if you don’t have an on-point social media marketing campaign, you have a lot of work to do.

Know where the conversation is and participate in it

No one would still be talking about Oreo’s tweet if it had been targeted at dog owners who were watching Animal Planet. It was easy for Oreo this time around, since over 100 million people were watching the Super Bowl, and about 5.3 million of them were tweeting throughout. Once the blackout happened and feeds started to swell with clever hashtag jokes, participation in the conversation was a no-brainer. Oreo’s done this with other notable historic and pop culture moments as well, like the Mars Curiosity landing and Dark Knight Rises. Adding your 2 cents at the appropriate time will go a long way toward helping your social media presence shine.

Keep it subtle

“You can still dunk in the dark.” Notice that nothing is said about going out and buying cookies. According to the Chicago Tribune, Oreo simply took advantage of the unfortunate event, the half hour power outage that caused play to come to a screeching halt, and created a catchy phrase that will stick in the minds of millions for weeks to come. Love them or not, Oreos will likely be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word cookie. A well-timed joke or comment will go a long way towards increasing your brand recognition. Just be careful not to say anything ill-timed or offensive.

Show that there’s a real person behind your company

Many people view companies as faceless entities that provide objects that fulfill a need or purpose. Remind your community that there’s a real, live person behind your brand by engaging with them through social media outlets. When you interact with your customers on social media, you’re reminding them that there’s a real person conversing with them. At the very least, it’ll prove that you’re not the

Take these tips to heart and start using them in your social media strategy today. By engaging with your audience in authentic ways, you’ll increase your company’s reach. There’s no guarantee that your increased reach will allow you a commercial in next year’s Super Bowl, but now you’re sure to be ready to take advantage of next year’s game day.

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