What Does PR Measurement Services New York Mean To Your Business?

From within this topic of PR measurement services there comes a world of argument. There was an agreed upon tactic in measuring the result of public relations efforts which made those measurements against the advertising value equivalent AVE’s.  In recent years though AVE’s are still being used to an extent; the AVE method has been replaced by another process because it has been agreed by many corporations that the AVE method virtually dumped down the results to the point that the results from using the AVE method could have just as well been guessed.

A PR measurement service is essential to a business because you can’t be successful doing it yourself and running a successful business. You can’t do it using the AVE method nor is doing it the Barcelona method which is what popular today. The Barcelona method came about when major corporations and their leaders came together in Barcelona and agreed upon a new method of PR measurement that would be more effective.

So what are the Barcelona principles?

– Goal Setting

  – Measuring the effect on outcomes

  – Measuring the effect on business results

  – The quantity and quality features

  – How AVE’s do not constitute the value of public relations

  – Measuring social media

  – Why replicability and transparency are important factors

Let’s touch on these a little so you can get the idea and have a basis as to how to put these practices into effect.

1.    Goal Setting: With what message do you want to reach your target audience?

2.    Measuring the effect on outcomes: Put a scoring program into place to allow you to follow the result of your data research through social networks or whatever medium you use.

3.    Measuring the effect on business results: Put a scoring program into place that allows you to follow the results of the effect your collected data has on the business as a whole.

4.    The quantity and quality features: Apply this new technique without AVE’s and find that AVE’s only places value on the amount of money made versus the amount of money spent on advertisements.

5.    How AVE’s do not constitute the value of public relations: This statement goes together with statement 4 and the way to put it into practice is that you can take note of what your company has made with advertising but put it aside and only use all other practices in this list to generate the correct predictive data.

6.    Measuring Social Media: This is the best tool in PR measurement services New York because it is where you get the real human aspect and not just clips and hits on an ad not really knowing what the motive was for going to the ad or what the real demographic the person in question is that went there.

7.    Why replicability and transparency are so important: This in simple terms means this; keep the way you do all research and analysis the same across the board. This way if you duplicate the process each time and keep determining factors the same, you will be better able to determine where to make changes. In other words keep it simple in terms of what you use to measure your businesses prosperity as a result of say social media reputation etc. Don’t experiment too much in changing your plan of attack until you know all the facts. Once you have determined what is good and what is bad you can then make extreme moves.

In conclusion, this method can be better researched by its definition on line. And as complicated as it can and will get, a Public Relations (PR) Measurement Service New York company can help take the pressure off of you and give you a great result.

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